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Exclusive Travel Security Briefing PDF

Exclusive Travel Security Briefing PDF

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In this exclusive Travel Security Brefing you will learn the methods and tactics used by goverments, private security corporations and fortune 500 companies around the globe. keeping their personnel safe is of the upmost importance to contienuity of operations. This is why they bring in guys like D.J. and Myself to wright SOPs  (standard operating procedures) before sending their CEOs or Diplomats to potentialy hostile countries.  This is exactly what these guys get before they travel. 

                                                                     About the Authors

Derek Jacobsen is a US Army Infantry Veteran and seasoned Private Security Contractor and Executive Protection Specialist with a combined 21 years of experience. He still currently works in the industry domestically and abroad.


William Sherlund is the founder of the Gutter Fighting Secrets Company and website, and has over 10 years of prior Private Security and Close Protection experience. He runs GFS while actively working as a Firefighter and EMT.


Together they offer thier 30+ years of practical knowledge and in field experience in this very exclusive GFS Document. Please remember, You are your first and last line of defense.

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