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Home-Based Preparedness Part 3

Home-Based Preparedness Part 3 In this follow-up blog, we are going to round off the coverage and aspects of Home-based Preparedness relating to Disasters and Natural Events, Civil Unrest, and Threats prevalent from foreign entities (i.e. invasion of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear)-related Missile Strike). - In the event of Disasters and Natural Events, as written prior you need to both have a plan structured to either “hole-up” or evacuate your area. That means having proper provisions stocked away, but also consolidated essentials to “grab and go”—but this also means you need to TRAIN. Rehearsing and doing drills periodically to assess the effectiveness and function of your plans is of the utmost importance and cannot be taken lightly or allowed sit on the sidelines when other aspects of life in general are perceived as more important. Your life and that element of self-preservation should be at the forefront of rationale and understanding how to overall sustain and survive these situations. - In the first part of the Home Preparedness series we covered “target hardening” your home in regards to Civil Unrest and Domestic Incidents (burglary, rioting, etc.). In the event of a foreign-based attack from military/ paramilitary forces or a hazardous/ CBRN attack, additional precautions and actions need to be taken, such as:

  • In addition to reinforcing your windows and doors, in the event of a hazardous/ CBRN related attack, you need to further insulate and seal your home. This means getting good plastic sheeting (much like “winterizing” material found in colder climates/ regions) that you can use to seal all entry points and windows, as well as any ducting outlets that feed to outside (such as dryer vents and bathroom air vents/ ducts). This is only a temporary solution to a problem that may last a short amount of time, but could last much longer with regards to fallout and the half- life factor of CBRN-related agents. It is meant to be a protective buffer until the coast is clear, or you can safely evacuate to a “clean zone” (an area unaffected by such aspects)—with these tools and actions, you do need to be careful, so ensure you have a Carbon Monoxide detector on every floor of your home.

  • Secondarily, with regards to CBRN- related attacks, you should have proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)—that is a sealing respirator or gas mask, and clothing/ outfits/ material you can use to protect yourself from exposure to such elements (surplus Military MOPP Gear is a good option among many others like a rubberized Tarp). Also with this, proper medication or counter-agent substances (like specific iodines) should be stocked to a level for use for 15 to 30 days in conjunction with an event or exposure—and medical treatment will be necessary should exposure happen.

  • Regarding a foreign entity (military or paramilitary type) invasion, the target hardening principles absolutely apply, but along with that you should also be developing a plan of kinetic defense of your home and/ or neighborhood. There are many great resources out there (like S2 Underground) that provide great analytical material on assessing the defensibility of your home in a myriad of aspects, such as lanes of fire and overwatch, further target-hardening and controlling means of access or movement, camouflaging, routes of escape, and so on. I rehash constantly the need to plan, drill, and further train and get access to training from professionals to hone your skills and abilities, and this absolutely applies to this overall. Use all of the assets and information you can at your disposal.

Stay Adaptive, and Stay Lethal. About the author: DJ “The Metalhead Mercenary” is a US Army Infantry Veteran, ExecutiveProtection Specialist, Security Contractor, and Instructor/ Tactical Liaison with GFS, with a combined experience of over 21 years.

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