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Recently, I have had several clients ask me what they should do if they become surrounded by domestic terrorists occupying the streets.

My reply has been the same each time. Why would you let yourself become surrounded? Obviously the key piece of information here is Do Not let this happen. We do this by keeping up to date with local intelligence and varying our routes accordingly. Sometimes however situations develop quickly and things happen. This is not your fault, it is simply the nature of the beast. Here are some ideas if you find yourself surrounded with Insurgents.

  1. Remain calm. This may sound cliche but it's important not to get too excited and stir the pot more than it already is. People have a natural blood lust and it gets worse when there are more people in the crowd. So staying calm and thinking through the situation is going to be your best bet.

2. Start Looking For A Way Out. If you are in your vehicle I would absolutley be aware that trying to ram through the crowd will get you dragged out and killed if you do not have a clear path of egress. Most likley you will get caught up in more Terrorists than you can handle or accidently hit into a parked car or street lamp. When you can't clearly see there is an option to get away without endangerment or harm, Do Not try to just floor it and drive through the mob.

However, if you are on foot, there may be an opening presented to you at some point. Take it the first chance you get because that may end up being the last chance you get. If you are protecting someone such as a girlfreind, wife, or even client then you may want to have them take the opening first. I will warn you however just because you get through the opening doesn't guarantee your safety. I hope you have been doing your cardio...Because you will need to be faster than whoever is trying to chase you. You should also start thinking about what your next move will be after you break initial contact. Get some place safe ASAP.

3. If You Cant Get Away Get Inside Their Head. This concept of being surrounded by a crowd of angry people is actually not a new thing. I have personally talked with a number of Operators who have stories like this from their time in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. There is a common theme that I have come up with that I want to relate. SYMPATHY and HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY. If you can find a way to connect with one or two of these Insurgents on a human level and get them to place themselves in your shoes, for a moment, that may be all you need to get them to let you out without any problems or need for violent actions. One particular guy I spoke to was surrounded in Egypt during the Arab Spring was able to make eye contact with the only cop in the crowd. After seeing there was a look of sympathy in the guys eyes, he was able to bribe him to escort him while pointing his AK at the crowd just incase. Remember Cash Is King. If you can spot the right opportunity. But definitely remember to exploit the sympathy and natural human psychology of the opposition whenever possible.

4. If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them. Knowing the symbology and uniformality of the opposition ahead of time might just be the thing that lets you pass unharrased. The wrong political bumper sticker could get you killed. But the right one might let you pass. One of my

Syrian friends told me how putting a picture of the Syrian President on the back of your car in the right spot can help you get around town unhindered. In this case, putting a BLM or even just a Biden sticker on the back of your car might let you pass unharrased. Also, having a BLM t-shirt in your car might not be a bad idea. Throw it on and take it off as needed. Also a hammer and sickle t-shirt or Sticker...Just food for thought.

5. Fane Complience. We have recently seen "Protesters" directing traffic or setting up road blocks in major cities and even in the suburbs. This almost goes without saying but Do Not Argue with them. There are too many. Just do as you are told and find an alternate route. Chances are if you are playing the grey man enough and not starting shit, you will be able to escape without too much confrontation. Get away and live to fight another day.

Alright guys. I hope this helps in some way. Be prepared at all times to defend yourself but if you can get away without a fight, that is always best. Fight like these assholes do. With superior numbers and surprise on your side. Don't John Wayne it and get yourself killed. We will need you later.



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