By Will Sherlund.


Our mission at gutter fighting secrets is to go far beyond the typical self-defense products that are flooding the market with largely irrelevant information. While learning defensive and offensive tactics is necessary and sure, even entertaining. If you focus on just combatives, this leaves you with a HUGE GAP in your survival strategies. I know this because when I started out in my own journey I bought a Boat Load of these products myself, after years of studying them I eventually found out they are all pretty much the same thing, just packed in different fancy wrappers and explained with impressive sounding terminology to make you Feel like you’re getting something special.  


I don’t care how you feel… I care how you react when you need the training the most, and I want to help you become a HARD TARGET.

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Learning to be safe is not a luxury,

Gutter Fighting and Defendu are just one of the ways to do it.

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