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HOW TO BE YOUR FAMLIES' BODYGUARD from the latest GFS Youtube Video.

We all know these are Dangerous times. As a protector it is Your Responsibility to provide security, whether Physical,Emotional,or Financial. But providing physical security can be tricky, even for a seasoned protection professional. That's why I just posted a brand new video to the Gutter Fighting Secrets Youtube channel all about using Close Protection techniques to move your principle quickly, and get them off the X.


I forget who i first heard this from but it is very true. There is a lot of finesse to protecting a principle. Some people may not see it this way but i guarentee you they have never worked a detail or taken an E.P. class.

The only thing more challenging than learning E.P. formations is protecting a principle solo.

Unfortunately, when you are protecting your family and loved ones you will be rollin solo 9 times out of 10. Even if you have backup, will they be trained? Probably Not unless you hang out with Close Protection Professionals. O.K. I get it. Who is going to shell out hunderds of bucks to go train at a reputable E.P. School, on the slim chance you will have to provide Physical Security to your loved ones during a crisis? I have good news!!! You don't need to!!! You can learn some Killer tricks of the Trade right on the Gutter Fighting Secrets Youtube channel :) So go check it out! We focus on how to use these Tricks of the Trade to protect yourself and your family and Leave out all of the irrelevant information that will just be a waste of time. Best freakin part is IT'S FREEEEEE!!!! Will...Why are you giving out FREE Info like this that you could be charging for? GREAT question, I'm glad i asked it. Because I can. And because I want to help you succeed. Good people are the back bone of our society. If I can help you keep your flock safe then you can help the rest of us when you are needed. So go out there and Train SHEEPDOGS! Remember this though, You have to do the reps to get the skills. Grab a partner and practice these techniques until they become muscle memory. That is the only thing I can't give you that these E.P. Schools can. That and a fancy piece of paper that says you are trained to protect. Although, if you don't actually care about getting hired I'm sure we could talk about that too ;)


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