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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This is a great question. I'm glad I asked it! The Gutter Fighting Secrets Tactical Podcast actually began before the podcast began its current format. It started off while I would travel the world taking various training courses. I always seemed to be meeting the guys I had seen on social media and been watching and I always had A LOT of questions to ask them, but i quickly realized a lot of other people has very similar questions for them. So I started asking them to sit down with me for an interview so I could put it on my Youtube Channel. 99% of the time they would agree (some times kind of begrudgingly) :In Bill Wolfe of Wolfe's Combatives case: (He is actually a Super Nice guy) lol. Eventually I started reaching to people over Instagram and doing these interviews over Skype. One day while talking privately with my friend and college Robin from SECURE MINDSET (check out his channel if your into security and mindset training btw.) and he told me "hey will, why the hell are you not doing a podcast man?"and IT DAWNED ON ME!! I already am doing a podcast!! I just call it interviews. On the spot I said "Your right bro I should do a tactical podcast" I started reaching out to a few guys I followed on Instagram and from there the TACTICAL PODCAST was born and I just finished # 30 with Samir Said of Ontario Top Team (probably the funniest and most badass guy at the same time) I have ever had the pleasure to sit down with. I have also had the honor of sitting down with some BIG NAME GUYS like Stephan Kesting ( a Jujitsu Legend) and James Yeager of TACTICAL RESPONSE (A Firearms and Tactical Training Legend)I have no intention of stopping there. I get So Exited talking about what i Truly Love, which is TACTICAL Sh*t. If you love TACTICOOL Sh*t too. Head on over to the Gutter Fighting Secrets Youtube Channel and check out the Tactical Podcast, A New Episode deploys every Thursday as long as I can talk and get in front of a computer I will be sitting down with Legends in the Tactical Community and asking them the questions You guys want answered!

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