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Low Key To Survival

I think we all know how dangerous the situation is globally these days. I've been righting and speaking about this for years now. It was inevitable that this would happen. There is one key that has been drilled into any professionals head again and again that will save your life in these crazy times. ESPECIALLY if you get caught up in a flash mob or hostile environment with little warning. BE GREY. I see Way To Much Misinformation out there about what this means, so let me make it crystal clear what it does Not mean. It Does Not Mean khaki tactical pants 511 low profile shoes and a tactical polo 🤣I don't think this is ever the answer unless you are trying to blend in at a gun show or security convince lol. Blending in is about knowing the baseline in your A/O. Or in normal speak it's about knowing whats normal and not normal where you are. This might mean jeans and a T-shirt or this might mean a suit and tie or it could even mean Local garb if your in another country. The point is you want to be able to blend in enough to make a quick exit should you need to. Let's discuss this more in coming blogs. For now Thanks for being a member and PLEASE REMEMBER YOU ARE YOUR FIRST AND LAST LINE OF DEFENSE

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