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The Importance of SOLO TRAINING

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I am aware that many of us right now do not have the luxury of going to the gym and training with sparring partners of any kind. So how do we stay sharp? This is an especially important question to be asking ourselves during this period of Civil Unrest that we are living through. I will break it down into the top 5 things I think that we can be doing to increase our odds of survival should we need to engage in hand to hand combat while this gosh damn quarantine thing is still going on. LETS HIT IT ⬇️


It's definitely not the most fun, but its the most useful thing we could possibly be doing when it comes to training our body for a life or death altercation. The key is most people have about 30 seconds to 1 minute of energy in the once the adrenaline and punches start rolling. That applies to many martial artists as well as laymen. So if you have a very high cardio gas tank to begin with...That extra 20-30 seconds that you have in your tank that the enemy does not could very well be the difference to living or dying (especially when we look at the way these domestic terrorists are operating) They are going to try to kill you. They will not give up until they can't fight anymore or you are dead. Plain and Simple. So get out there and run, bike, swim, Whatever it is that gets you cardio...But DO CARDIO!

2. Weight Training.

Notice how I did not say resistance training. Lift Heavy Weights. If you need to bench press a man off of you or pick a man up to slam him to the ground...You will need strength. It is important that you acquire the strength to accomplish these tasks not so that you are fit to fight should that day come. Remember these exercises BENCH PRESS, SQUAT, DEADLIFT. You can improvise if you can't get to a gym right now but do variations of those as your CORE Exercises

3. Shadow Boxing.

Visualize your enemy in front of you...Visualize him moving around and trying to out flank you. Visualize him reaching into his pocket for...What is it? Don't wait to find out, rush and attack him before he can pull it out!!!

Visualize and imagine the insults they will likely be hurling out at you and practice keeping calm and collected...Waiting for the best opportunity to strike.

Think about how to spot his openings... There is a lot more to shadow boxing than just the boxing...Train your brain to win the fight.

4. One Man CQB and Dry Fire

This is a bit off the exercise topic, but it is still exercise none the less. Especially if you are practicing CQB the right way. It can be a hell of a work out squatting and kneeling then getting back up and going prone again. The main point however is Self Preservation. If you don't have a weapon then pretend. If you don't have training go on youtube and find some good drills. The point is to start learning it. And to start learning how to DEPEND ON YOURSELF!

5. Diet

WTF Will I don't need a lesson on dieting you Prick...

Yes you do. We all do. It is so crucial to any Combat Fitness program. All the top tier guys know this and you should also. If you are Training Hard and you should be right now. Diet and Sleep are essential to recovery. I'm not saying to count your calories (unless you think you need to) I am simply saying to eat for maximum combat effectiveness. (Think High Protein and Plenty of Water)

Alright Warriors I hope this helped.

I'll catch you on the next one



P.S. If you need some quick tips about how to eat for maximum combat effectivness check out WARRIOR WEIGHT LOSS on our product page or Gutter Fighting Combatives for some Badass Hand to Hand stuff 💪

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