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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Is this really something that is taught to our Intelligence Officers?

The short answer is yes. In some respect. You need to be able pitch and sell your propositions. A large part of what Clandestine Officers do is recruite spies to work for the country.

The longer and more in depth answer would have to be, we don't exactly know what the curriculum is, due to the fact the training these men and women undergo is highly classified. With that being said, there is some open source information availible so we can gather certain understandings.

For example NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP is a method of communication which bypasses the conscious mind and allows the operator to directly communicate with the listeners subconscious. This is done by embedding certian command words into a benign sounding sentence and structuring them in such a way to communicate an entirely different message than the one the listener thinks they are hearing.

Another example would be Business Negotiation Techniques. Although you might think these Tactics are only used by the worlds Power Players in the corporate board rooms, the fact is, it goes way beyond the Corprate World. This stuff has been taught and used by Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies for decades.

Yet another example would be what you and I know as The Art Of Sedection. The auther Robert Greene wrote a best selling book with this title. But the " Venusion Arts" have been around and used by spies since the dawn of time. The process of Selecting, Grooming Pitching and ultimately Selling someone to spy for your organization, is essentialy the same process of seduction that might be used to seduce a person for romance.

Seduction= Power.

ONLY IF you know how to properly Employ and Deploy its Techniques.

Seduction requires not only an understanding of basic principles, but also comprehension of When to use these tactics. Timing is very important in this game. So is an understanding of Human Psychology. You really can't just read a book or two and expect to be an expert on the subject. It takes multiple years of study and practice. Trial and error is one of the best teachers for any subject but Particularly in the processes of Seduction, Manipulation, and Counter Manipulation. (Another very important aspect of Intel work) but that is a seprate conversation for a seprate blog.

The good news is, I have spent years studying and refining and distilling this process down into a number of easy Tactical Steps which you can learn in a matter of weeks. From the time you learn them to the time you go out and practice them, and finaly master them. This is the way that Seduction is taught at high levels. No countless examples of historic case studies. No 80 hour Human Psychology Introduction courses. And No boring Theory...Just Tactics that Work and work Fast. This is what you need when you are out in the field. You need to be able to count on the fact that your training will work. Especially in the high stakes game of Intel Collection and Espionage when your life (and the life of your Asset) could be on the line.

If you read all the way to this point. It tells me that you are curious about learning how to get better at the Art of Seduction and the Art of War. This also tells me that you are a Warrior on a higher level than most.

Most likley you are Intelligent and thusly Desire to make yourself as well rounded of a person (and martial artist) as possible.

You're in luck! I am getting ready to release a very high level training program called

Intel Seduction Secrets. (A fast track guide to seducing your target)

This program is a no nonsense training manual designed to get you Proficient FAST. I don't want you to wast your time with a bunch of bullshit. There is way to much gimmicky stuff out there on the market today geared toward computer nerds with no real understanding of how this stuff actually works. I couldn't take myself seriously if I put something like that out there. I also don't have any interest in selling you a product that won't work. My reputation is on the line here.

So...If you are ready to learn the secrets which seperate the pros from the amatuers in this game, I would highly recommend signing up for our mailing list so that I can personally alert you when this Training Module becomes availible.

I'm not going to waste any more of our time here. The way I see it, you're either in or out. If you spend your life sitting on the fence about acquiring and getting better at skills that will Absolutley Change Your Life for The Better...Than frankly I don't want you as a customer.

What is being offered in this program is truely such High Level and Elite Information. I would rather sell only a few copies to people who are going to use it truely empower themselves and become Tier 1 type indaviduals than waste my time trying to sell it to people who don't deserve to have it.

I hope to see your name on the list of people who will become Elite Level Operators with me. Your success = my success. If I am able to get you good at this stuff in a short period of time then I will be a sucessfull coach, and you will have power that very few people in this world truly hold. (Many claim to but the few who really do don't talk much about it).

Alright guys. I'll be in touch soon.

William Sherlund

Founder-Gutter Fighting Secrets.

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