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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Hello warriors, lets get real for a minute and talk about something important. Maintaining a strong and healthy body. This should be a very high priority for any warrior, no matter if you are getting paid for it or not. I know it's not as tacticool as doing live fire drills or practicing your hand to hand skills, but without a decent diet these other (HARD SKILLS) are just not going to be as effective. I know this may offend some people and yes...There will definitly be some haters out there that claim they could still fight even though they are 50-70-or even 100 lbs overweight!!! But I'm not here to play to their egos. I am here to dispell the myths and let you know the facts. The simple fact is that if you are not taking your health seriously enough to try to maintain a decent level of COMBAT READINESS then you are simply fooling yourself.

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying we all need to go around looking like Calvin Klein models But, I am saying we need to be keeping ourselves in check. I am going to be mapping out the top 3 things i think are most important when it comes to nutrition and how it relates to maintaining a Fit and Strong body that is COMBAT READY and able to do Battle when it needs to.

  1. CARBS 😮 Thats right I just said that dirty word that most salad eating flower children seem to hate these days. The truth is our body needs carbs. If you want to have enough energy to Fight,Ruck, or Lift heavy sh*t than your going to need to fuel your body with carbs. The key is knowing the right kinds to eat, when to eat them and how much is optimal for your energy output. Think about this...If you are sitting in front of a computer all day and not getting alot of exersise then you don't need a lot. If you are acitve you need more. If you are super active and want to stay strong you will need slightly more yet.

2. PROTINE 💪 This is something anyone who lifts knows. About 1 1/2 grams of it per pound of lean body mass (or something like that) but did you know protine can actualy help you burn calories. When we eat lean protine like chicken it actualy requires our body to burn calories to digest it. Also it helps our bodies heal and recover. When I was in the Fire Academy they had doctors come in from the burn unit on our first day and scare the crap out of us about getting burned. The one thing I will always remember them saying though is that when your body is injured it actualy need more calories (the good kind optimaly) to heal. The same thing goes for building mussle. You are tearing your mussle fibers and wanting them to build back stronger. This means they need to heal! Think about it like this...If I want to build a buiding but I only have 3 quarters of the material...Can I build it? Sure but only 3 quarters of the way...If you are a warrior and activly living the warrior lifestyle you should be eating a protine rich diet.

3. HYDRATION. 💧Did you know most of us are walking around dehydrated most of the time? You may have heard that before but it dousnt make it right if you are not actively hydrating through out the day. Coffee Beer Soda and Surgary Sports Drinks Do Not Count. Our bodies are made up of about 70% water so this is what we should be drinking most of the time if we want Optimal Performance. Not to mention the fact that it boosts memory, stamina, and plyobility. Forget all the extra calories those drinks add to boot! Drink more water my freind and remember what Bruce Lee said "Be Like Water"

If you want some killer tips about how to get in shape quikly and stay in shape so that you are able to protect yourself and those you care for...Check out WARRIOR WEIGHTLOSS in our store. This is how I lost 120 LBS and to be honest how im losing the 20 lbs i gianed while traveling and then in quarentine over the past 8 months!!! I have lost 17 LBS in just over 2 1/2 months and i have about 8 to go before i'm back to my old fighting wieght again. Its really not hard. It just takes some Warrior Wisdom and Disipline. I will show you how you can do it too😎 For the price it is right now you would have to be a nut job not to grab a direct download. I will keep it at this low price until the gyms open back up only becuse I want you to have the succsess that a Warrior deserves.

Alright mother flowers I'll catch you all in the next blog.


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