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With a lot of focus being put on the riots, looting, and all around pandemonium in the states these days...I thought I would share some warrior wisdom about what you should be looking out for if some of these Domestic Terrorists turn their attention on you or yours in the streets. Lets break it down from top to bottom.

  1. HANDS. Whenever you are confronted the biggest thing we need to be Immediately aware of are their hands. Hands can hurt you. So knowing where they are in relation to you or the person you are protecting is Crucial. Hands can also hold weapons. Weapons will hurt you faster than hands. Knowing if they are holding a weapon OR Concealing a weapon is ESSENTIAL! Typically if they are angry and their hand is in a pocket, it's not because they are cold. It's because they are concealing a weapon. This could be a knife, it could be a gun, or it could be anything else they are able to conceal in their pocket. Likewise, if they are holding a hand or two hands behind their back it's probably not that they are standing at parade rest. Street logic would tell us they have a weapon drawn and they are ready to use it. They just don't want you to know they have it yet...So looking at where their hands are is going to be paramount. Some people would say to stare them in the eyes but eyes can't hurt you...Not to mention the fact this will usually only demonstrate aggression to this terrorist. That tactic may have its time and place but this is not what we are talking about here.

2. BATTLE BUDDIES. Typically the Domestic Terrorists are not going to target you when they are alone. They want their buddies there to help, and to watch...Even if it appears they are alone. It's usually a pretty safe bet they are with a pack. They may be circling around behind you, around you, or to your flanks. Don't let the loud one wrap you up in a conversation or argument...The minute you get distracted with him or her is when you will get a brick, bottle, or bat cracked on the side of your head. MAINTAIN A HIGH LEVEL OF SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!!!

3. POSTURING. When someone is finally done taunting or arguing and they are ready to fight, we usually see Pre Attack Indicators in the form of Micro-Expressions or just down right body language. Things like clapping their hands together once before throwing a sucker punch is pretty typical. Looking away for a spit second before that first punch comes is something else we see a lot. Micro-Expressions might be squinting of the eyes or flinching of the shoulders or shifting of the feet. They all mean the same thing though...They are about to attack. So watch out for these.

Alright Americans that's all I have for right now. I hope you have found something in this that has helped.

You are your First and Last line of defense

Will Sherlund

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