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The simple fact is, we train because each time we practice a skill we get a little bit better at it. But there are a lot more reasons than just this. For one, The bad guys of today are not the bad guys of your grandparents or even parents generation. A lot of "bad guys"in todays time train also. I hear a lot of people in the RBC (reality based combative) Community saying things like..."Well if this was an untrained attacker" Or "the bad guy won't be as well trained" But THIS IS BULL CRAP!!! Who says the Attacker is untrained? Seriously!!!! I have known a few "Bad guys" in my time and they all train MMA or Boxing or at least fight a lot lol. Think about it...If some one has the audacity to go ahead and accost or attack an innocent person, Don't you think this person is comfortable with violence? Wouldn't it make sense this person is probably slightly more comfortable with fighting and doing bad things than the average person? Ofcourse they are. This is why we as Sheep Dogs and Protectors need to Get with the times and drop this concept of an Untrained Attacker. They are all trained, even if this means they just do bad stuff or fight a lot. All of that still counts as experience. We also need to shift our mindset and get more comfortable with doing violence! Not to innocent people of course but when some one wants to do violence to us, we need to be seriously comfortable doing worse to them. Another thing is, I see a lot of people training to go on the defensive. This will put you behind the curve Right Away. We as Warriors and Protectors need to start getting comfortable with going on the Offensive As Soon As We Feel Seriously Threatened! I guarantee the "bad guy" is not expecting that and if you can overwhelm there brain and get inside there OODALOOP before they can get in yours. YOU WILL HAVE THE ADVANTAGE.Most Civilians have a hard time with this concept of Raw Violence but it is something Prison Hardened Street Thugs have going for them that puts them on a Definite Advantage. Don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying to rush into anything you could avoid or to get yourself involved in something you can't handle. If you have a way out you should Always take it. But if your back is up against the wall so to speak. You Need to Strike First Strike Hardest and Strike Faster and with Way More Aggression then your attacker. These are the ways of the True Warrior and it is only through training and experience that we can Hone Our Warriors Edge to be Razor sharp. Remember Any Blade Will Dull so it is Crucial that we keep sharpening it through Proper training. Notice I said Proper Training not any training. (MORE ON THAT IN FUTURE BOLGS) So go out there and practice. Remember practicing your mindset is some times more important than the physical skill its self. If you as a martial artist have thrown strikes millions of times, it will already be in your muscle memory. You Need to practice throwing them now with Rage and Aggression so that if you have to use them in the street...They Will Overwhelm Your Attacker. Phycologicly and Physically. MINDSET MINDSET MINDSET. Alright guys go get dangerous! If you want some good training methods check out the Gutter Fighting Secrets DVD here in the shop!

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