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SURVEILLANCE BASICS : from the latest GFS Youtube Video:

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This is a vast topic and I can't express enough how important it is when it comes to your personal security. Generally speaking it is way more important to know the basics of surveillance detection than the basics of surveillance its self. With that being said however, there are a few reasons we should be aware of how its done. 1. IT'S COOL! lol yep its James bond stuff and fascinating to learn about. SURVEILLANCE is such a huge topic with so many techniques and "halls of training" as the ninja

would call it. (A hall of training simply means an area of focus or specific discipline within a larger topic)

books have been written about SURVEILLANCE and INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION from the dawn of time (atleast the dawn of when books were being written) don't believe me? crack open the Bible or TSUN TSU's ART OF WAR You will see reference after reference to SURVEILLANCE and INTEL COLLECTION all through these book. Did you know Spying is the second oldest profession in t

he world (I'll let you research for your self the first lol.) So there is no doubt it is a practical useful and in demand skill, but why study it? OK l

et me get to the point. REASON 2. If you know how it is done you can better understand how to defeat it! Atleast thats what I kept hearing in all the SURVEILLANCE TRAINING I went through. Including ISS LTD UK's 4 week Surveillance Operator Course, SIRAS Bodyguard Academy in Copenhagen Denmark, ESI's SSD Course in Colorado just to name a few. Along with on the job experience I have come to a decent understanding about the concept of IF YOU KNOW HOW IT IS DONE, YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO DEFEAT IT. (OR Atleast Spot It) So... I've given a few reasons I think this is important but i'd like to hear from you, so head on over to the GFS Youtube channel and let me know what you think in the comments under the SURVEILLANCE BASICS Video. Part 1. of a series of vids deploying over the coming months. Remember YOU ARE YOU'RE FIRST

AND LAST LINE OF DEFENSE! See you over there mother flowers.

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